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Pleasure With[out] Control

| 2017-06-20

Taking Architecture as a risk. Architecture should be a physical challenge. Leaving your comfort zone leads you to another level of stimulation - It is a play from control over to loss of control. Architecture should be a physical challenge that demands (again?) for the mind-boggling user. It's a dialogue between the human being and it’s surrounding structure. How do we perceive buildings? What if we designed for all our senses? What would our built environment be like if sensory response, sentiment, and memory were critical design factors, more vital even than structure and program? In Pleasure with[out] control, we explore the nature of our responses to the built environment. How can a better understanding and appreciation of all our senses contribute to a new typology for the design of significant spaces?


with Manuel Bonell

collaboration with: Nora Staggl [performance & media artist], Tina Kult [media artist & photographer]

advised by Francois Roche, Werner Skvara

]a[ academy of fine arts vienna - institute for arts and architecture

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