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Inszenierte Wirklichkeit

Private Chroniken einer Front

| 2015-05-19

The core topic of this work is the conception, execution, and reflection of a large-format installation in the Dornbirn urban space, which lets passers-by appear as participating protagonists of an observation. This project is based on a photograph by Franz Beer, which is questioned concerning its perception. The result is an installation that makes use of elements from set construction and constructivism. The question is how these two extremes can be reconciled. The result of this work is the staging of a large-format installation in the city of Dornbirn. It illustrates the dialectics of functionality and dysfunction, assembly and destruction in a real and constructed reality.


with Joachim Daetz, Viviane Goebel, Naomi Mittempergher, Franziska Moehrle, Daniel Ostermann, Carina Peter, Clara Teresa Pollak, Diogo Da Silva, Carmen Tasser

collaboration with: Hanno Platzgummer, Werner Matt [Stadtmuseum Dornbirn]

advised by Kathrin Aste, Verena Rauch, Alberto Alessi

university of liechtenstein - institute for architecture and planning

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