Letten Pictures
Räume der Industrie

| 2013-01-26

In developing a new usage concept for the Letten power plant in Zurich, the 'Letten Pictures' building complex was created. Shooting, editing, or watching films, each of these aspects can be found in the proposed three-way division. The empty, raw concrete building in Letten is used for filming and also functions as a warehouse. The Burrischopf, with its industrial charm, offers space for the respective processing mechanisms in the studios. In addition, a new building will be added to the existing structure, which will act as a cinema. The halls contained therein each have their atmosphere due to the different heights, inclines, orientations, and entrance situations. The materiality of the existing building parts was left unchanged.

advised by Urs Meister, Carmen Rist

university of liechtenstein - institute for architecture and planning