Offensichtliche Privatangelegen-

Architekturtage 2012 - Dornbirn | AT

| 2012-06-02

Intervention as food for thought: What happens when the private boundaries are torn down, the interior becomes exterior, and the private becomes public? Private affairs are spatially separated from the public. Conversely, the environment reacts irritated as soon as the private is turned outside, diffused into the public. The intervention traces how society protects its privacy and which properties and qualities private spaces develop. A radical cut into the facade of a partially unused building in Dornbirn's center reveals the traces of privacy. The exposed architecture reveals a legacy of trust and secrecy.

with Meryem Beypinar, Cristina Ammann, Daniel Haselsberger, Michael Ender, Klaus Fink, Manuel Hödl, Jasmin Brugger, Ennio Lardi, Martin Horvat, Michelle Frei, Martin Rhomberg , Katharina Scharler, Simon Frick, Timo Sippach

advised by Kathrin Aste

university of liechtenstein - institute for architecture and planning