The Levitation of Contamination

| 2017-01-18

This speculative design proposal takes advantage of a contaminated site's physical and chemical properties polluted by lead. The contamination of a clay pigeon shooting range is taken as an opportunity to redesign the landscape in its current form through its decontamination. The lead and clay were separated from the soil. Lead has the unique property of levitation. For this reason, powerful magnets were placed in the landscape. The separated lead 'particles' form a levitating choreography depending on the weather and electricity fluctuations, leading to an entirely new clay pigeon shooting experience without active contamination of the site.

with Ronja Hye

advised by Kathrin Aste, Hannes Stiefel, Lois Hehenberger, Dominic Strzelec

]a[ academy of fine arts vienna - institute for arts and architecture