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Aurograph Apparatus, Norfolk Test

| 2018-01-10

Crystal Photographic Experiments (CPE)

In 1993, the Scole Experimental Group attempted to create various types of tangible objects of the spirit world with a revolutionary kind of "energy". Through these experiments, contact was established with this hidden dimension. The photographs proved Their existence. It was now possible for the group to realize or perceive snapshots of another aspect in space, which were carried out through experiments and mediumship sessions. In the five-year operations, the group worked with various experimental arrangements. The possibilities and variations of the images seemed endless. The investigations are usually very complex, and the slightest changes immediately lead to new results. (1)

Mediators act between existing reality and other dimensions. The most common form is communication between the living human world and the spirits of the dead. Mediators try to capture information from another dimension to translate it into reality. They transform the information gained into a tangible form (image, text, objects, sounds) using different tools and mechanisms. Mediumship is as old as humanity itself. People have always been fascinated by the idea of capturing other hidden things. (1)

Brass, Aluminium, Glass, Plastic, [305 x 457 mm]

with Manuel Bonell

advised by Kathrin Aste

]a[ academy of fine arts vienna - institute for arts and architecture

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